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YanTai Runfuxiang Oil Seal Co., Ltd (Laiyang Quanruixiang Plastic-Rubber Product Co., Ltd), founded in 2000, getting the soul of pear flowers, absorbing the sweet dew of Qilu, is full of vigor and vitality, just as a shining peal decorated in Laiyang Shandong, the hometown of pears. It lies at Laiyang Economic Development Zone which is less than 90km away from Qingdao Airport and Yantai Airport respectively, with convenient trans-portation and super geographical location.

  So far RFX is specialized in rubber seals, PTFE seals, PU pressure seals and so on, with design, development, production all in one. RFX covers total area of 27,482m2 and 13,380m2 workshop. Its annual productivity is 80 million pcs seals and 10 million pcs PU products. The number of working staff is 300, including 60 technicians and 6 senior engineers. RFX owns various equipment, like modeling, metal surface processing, anti-errors in burdening, refining rubber, PTFE sintering, PU presynthetics, vulcanization, edge trimming, experiment testing, material storage in constant temperature, etc. The equipment for design, development, production is advanced and complete.

  RFX`s products vary from five product lines and 1000 different products, such as reci-procating oil seals, rotary oil seals, valve oil seals, high pressures oil seals, PU products, among which 5 products have got national patents. So far the reciprocating oil seals, rotary oil seals are the main products. They are mainly used in shock absorber for auto and motorcycles, engines, vehicle bridges, gear boxes, air conditioner compressors for vehicles, and pressure oil cylinders for various engineering machinery. RFX is now a supplier of many leading internal companies, such as Weichai Deutz, FAW Vehicle Bridge, Ankai Vehicle Bridge, FAW Eaton, Jianghuai Auto, Jinbei Auto, Geely Auto,Chery Auto, Foton Auto, Tianjin Tiande, Henan Xichuan, Zhejiang Zhengyu, Shanchuan Shock Abs-orber, Ningjiang Zhaohe, Nanfang Ningjiang, Chengdu Jiuding, Chongqing Zhongyi, Zhejiang Zhongxing, Jiangmen Haojue, Wuxi Top, Jiangsu Mingxing, Zhangjiagang Zhen-long, Doosan Engineering Machinery. Parts of its products have exported to US, Japan, Germany, Hungary, India, etc. 

   RFX`s takes humans as its fundamental, and innovation as its soul. It put ISO/TS16949:2002 Quality Management System into action efficiently by earnestness, implement, ho-nesty and communication. It is striving for meeting the customers¡¯ request and surpassing their expectation by depending on all staff participate, conducting Zero Defect manage-ment, controlling process strictly, improving processes continuously£¬quality products and service. 

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